Mindfulness of Eating

5 Chapters 9 Lessons Easy

About this course

Mindfulness is an ability we all have; being able to observe with curiosity and kindness our experience in the present moment. And being mindful while eating takes practice.

Mindfulness can support you in recognizing and coping with physical sensations, emotions, and automatic behaviors. Mindful eating is about using compassionate awareness to develop a balanced relationship with food.

With mindful awareness you will better understand your:

  1. physical cues of hunger & fullness
  2. cravings
  3. experiences when considering when & what to eat
  4. eating habits

Mindful eating takes practice, and may feel awkward or difficult at first. Returning to mindfulness is key. Addressing why, when, what and how we eat is a journey, together we’ll learn to be self-compassionate as we explore mindful eating.

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Course Structure

Second Lesson 2 Lessons

Fourth Lesson 1 Lesson

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