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Hi.  I'm very happy to be joining the club!  I'm 77 years old.  I retired 6 years ago from a career as a symphony musician (percussionist) and since then have pretty much devoted myself to Dharma practice.  I've spent about 35 weeks on retreats, mostly at Spirit Rock.  I've been leading a small sangha here in Salt Lake City for about a year, and am eager to expand my teaching of mindfulness.  I'm really excited about this course.  It seems to offer unlimited possibilities for personal growth, in addition to learning how to teach mindfulness effectively.   It will also be very nice to have a community of like minded/hearted people to communicate with.  Very much looking forward to communicating with you. 

Just a couple of personal items:  I love hiking the mountains around here,  reading (obsessed with neuroscience and geology and other sciences).  I'm married to a wonderful woman who shares my interests.  How lucky can a guy get?    Peace, Keith

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Hello Keith! It is wonderful to read your introduction and to connect. I'm Gillian - the Chief Care Officer and Forum Moderator. If you have any questions or concerns as you go through the program, feel free to reach out at anytime.

It sounds like you have an incredible wealth of experience - both personally and as a teacher. It is wonderful to have you here in the program and community. If you feel drawn to share any of your favourite practices or resources elsewhere in the forum, I'd love to read about them.

I hope you have a lovely day!

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