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Gillian Florence

What 'stage' of your work do you find yourself in?

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This week's question asks:

What 'stage' of your work do you find yourself in?

This question came to me because I've been reflecting a lot on the cyclical nature of seasons, thinking about how we, too, go through various stages and that each serves a unique purpose. I am mindful of the fact that often, when I am in a resting and reflecting stage (as opposed to an outward-oriented phase of creation), I can start to feel mental pressure to 'do more'. However, the more I practice mindfulness, the easier it becomes to fully embrace all phases that I go through. Can anyone else relate, and if so, what phase are you in now?

At this point in time, I find myself in an idea stage - it's like I'm planting seeds but not yet ready to jump into action. I'm taking time to nurture the soil so to speak.


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