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I'm Stacy and I'm New to This Community

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Hi everyone, I'm Stacy Inness and I love in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. I recently joined Mindfulness Mastermind and I was so excited to see that is has evolved into a Teacher Training Program as well! I have had a couple different careers in my life so far, the most recent being a Pilates studio owner where I also brought in different people to host guided meditation sessions for the studio clients. This is something I have wanted to dive deeper into, and teach others mindfulness and meditations. I went on a 10-day Yoga Retreat trip to Rishikesh, India almost 4 years ago and it changed me. I am so thankful this course is here and I look forward to connecting with others to learn and grow through this journey. 

I had to close my studio due to COVID-19 a couple of months ago and have been looking at the different things I learned through being a studio owner as well as all the things I am truly passionate about, and what I really desire for my life moving forward. I love music of all kinds, traveling, yoga, Pilates, meditation, healthy eating...I am working on getting certified in those areas so I can present a complete package of knowledge to others and have the ability to personalize my coaching or teaching or guidance (whatever it ends up being) for each individual. 

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Hi Stacy! Welcome to the program. I'm Gillian - Chief Care Officer and Community Moderator. Any questions, feel free to ask 🙂

Is your studio still closed now? How was that transition for you? It is wonderful you are now taking this time to explore other interests and find out how to best offer your gifts to others! Do you have a certain niche that you'd like to work with?

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Wow!! Big news Stacy, Welcome!

That must have been an Awesome trip & Retreat!

I'm a dual Business Owner: Professional Photographer & Coaching is rather new, though Providing Therapy & Management Consulting are not new to me! Life/Career Coaching are my Fortes, though focusing in Wellness is a great Combo!!!

Understanding the difference between Coaching & Therapy comes rather simple for me; I spent a few years in therapy way back when, so the difference is not a foggy line! Coaching, you are a Guiding force...many different types for Therapy for different types of situations!!! 


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