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expanding the senses

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I have recently been trying out this meditation where not only are you using all of your senses but you are actively trying to expand them and I have found this to be very helpful in increasing my reaction time and being more aware, not only of the immediate things around me but also of things in the distance. 

It has made me much more reactive to my environment and interactive with my environment.


Sitting in a comfortable position, bring your attention to your breath. Breathing deeply, allow your mind and body to relax. Coupled with the body scan, you can really focus on relaxing the body first. Spend some time clearing your thoughts so that you have the ability to process the experience deeper with a less active mind.

Bring your attention to what you hear, listen to the room around you, what can you hear? then increase the range, can you hear anything outside the room? out side your window? and expand further  and further until you can imagine what the world sounds like.

Once you have done this, do the same with what you feel, scan your body and feel the position your body is in, feel the air around you, feel the clothes on your body, now imagine different textures, at this point you can open your eyes and look around you, imagine what things around you feel like, if you are outside or in nature, really connect with the feeling of water, cold, heat, roughness of bark, smoothness of leaves, etc. Can you connect to what it may feel like touching something around you?

Lastly, with your eyes open, what do you see, what colours stand out? what objects are immediately around you, take your time and observe the world around you, now look out the window or if in nature, look further, at what point does your vision blur? at what point do objects become colour? expand your awareness to what those objects might be and imagine standing right there next to them. Imagine you could see that far and you could bring your awareness to anything regardless of how far.


Once you are done with this, take note of your sense of connectedness, sense of oneness and how much more easily one can connect and interact with the world around.

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