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Thank you for the call with Spring Washam

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Hey @marnied@shaw.ca!

The recording of the workshop with Spring Washam is up now if you haven't yet seen it. What a beautiful and inspiring session this was! I really resonated with this calling to find one's own authentic voice. Over the past years, I have witnessed the voice in my head that very subtly suggests I need to speak or present my work in the way that the teacher's I look up to do. Slowly, I've unravelled this belief to see that we all - myself included - have unique and beautiful ways of being and gifts to offer. How that manifests looks different for each one of us. This workshop was a beautiful reminder for me of that.

I'm curious to hear about some of your reflections 🙂

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Thanks very much for letting me know Gillian! I have time set aside later this week to watch and I will let you know my reflections. I really appreciate you sharing yours, I am really looking forward to watching this and taking in all the goodness and inspiration! 

I relate to your share of finding our own unique and beautiful ways of being and the importance of sharing our own gifts...its a process and practice to get there, but so important to share what only we can, thank you for that reminder!

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