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Hello from NJ, USA

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I am Jas and I live in NJ, USA. 

I am so glad to have found this site. I am grateful for the program and resources. 

I am a long time meditator and have practiced & taught various techniques. 

The current times started to have a negative affect on me so I was looking for a way to deal with times and give back.

I found the practice of reading a positive quote, writing an affirmation, then reflecting on them helpful.  I have created a site ReflectandRespond ( https://reflectandrespond.com  )  and with my daughter share quotes/affirmations almost daily. I plan to bring practices like Mindfulness in corporate as there is lot of interest. Looking for everyone's support and best wishes. 



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Hello Jas! Wonderful to connect with you here.

This is a very beautiful image and quote that you've shared. I, too, am deeply touched by quotations and words of affirmation. What a wonderful initiative you've started!

If you have any questions about the community or program, please let me know. I am the Chief Care Officer here.

I wish you a beautiful day and look forward to connecting again!

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