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Hello Mindfulness Mastermind Community. My name is Julie and I have been on a quest to become a more mindful person. I fist began meditation 5 years ago and I continue to grow in my practice. I have been learning and growing. I became a Yoga teacher last year and I also received my Social Emotional Learning Facilitator last year. I loved helping teachers and parents support their kids. After 20 years as a business executive, I have entered into a new journey. I was certified as a Holistic and CBT Life Coach last year. This year, I completed a Mindfulness Coach certification but I wanted to grow my knowledge and surround myself with people who are growing and learning as well. 


Looking forward to connecting. 



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Hello Julie! Wonderful to connect with you here. I'm the chief care officer and community moderator for the forum so am happy to answer any questions you might have as you move through the program. I'm a writer and yoga and meditation practitioner.

I look forward to learning more about your journey and experience. Has your work been affected by covid?

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Hi Gillian, Happy to meet you. For the past 12 years I have been a a senior executive for an educational company in NYC. The last two years there I was Chief Innovation Officer and my role was to design and roll out programs that help us meet the needs of students and schools. Due to COVID, my organization lost several contracts with schools as they closed and I was laid off in April. I was devastated at first, however I was already thinking of exploring my Holistic Coaching practice and working with more clients. I began that perhaps the universe was giving me the opportunity to do something I was going to do down the road. I love working for myself. and having the opportunity to help women and individuals more fully. I work in helping women who have a loud inner critic, feel impostor syndrome and may feel inadequate in their roles despite their talents, gifts and strengths.  I help then release or unleash their inner power. Women who work with me become more assertive in their careers, they take risks and become more confident in who they are. 


Mindfulness and meditation have been such a key component of my journey, I want to grow as a teacher and practitioner. I am so happy to have found this community. I look forward to learning and growing on this journey. 

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