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Gillian Florence

Anxiety during coronavirus times

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How is everyone managing mentally & emotionally during these uncertain times? As I mentioned in my sleep post, I'm pretty sure my cortisol levels have gone up in the past weeks due to stress (even if its not entirely conscious). I'm really trying to be mindful of my social media and news consumption as it's leaving me feeling a bit scattered.

I'd love to hear how everyone else is doing.

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OMG, Gillian

My Anx just revved up! I missed our Weekly with Sean yesterday! At least next Wed. Christoper Germer will be with us...how timely...wish Kristen Neff was with him!! I have been tuning into her Meditations! Their book is Awesome too!!! I get scattered too, Gillian...

I dont know where my head was at...I was thinking today was the 6th!! Deeeep Breaths....Again...Deeeep Breaths!!!:)

I'm a little Disappointed that my Healthcare Hospital rejected my Mindfulness Proposal when a Fav. ER Supervisor Nurse I spoke with indicated that Burnout is a huge issue for them! I even inquired how they have dealt with that, No Response...that is Sad!! And this RN has become a Friend; she remembered me when I had to take my Fiance' there many months ago!

Our Gov't was ravishly attached yesterday by Thugs!!! I hope they arrest them all!! Sorry, but the Belly of our Gov't , the Hose of Representatives was viciously attacked leaving one Female Shot & Killed, and she apparently was a Vet!!! What the hell was she doing in the midst!!!???


Anyway, it's so Sad! I hope this calls for Greater Security when it comes to protecting our Gov't Buildings!!! You would think we would have learnt somethings after 911!!! Apparently not!!!

Thanks for letting me vent!!! Our Gov't need Mindfulness Big time!!! Hmmm...I'm thinking...

My Fitbit indicated I got just 2 Mins over 1 hour of Deep Sleep last night...it usually less and my Mind has been dreaming some crazy dreams even after Meditating in bed...

Anyway, Happy New Year, Gillian! We deserve a Best year! I have already applied for a Vaccine; that was not encouraging!

off to do errands!!!:)


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Hi Rick!

Thanks for the personal update. It is definitely anxiety-inducing times at the moment - personally for many and also in our collective energy as a whole. Uncertainty is always present of course, but the last year I have felt that sense of uncertainty in a more visceral way. 

I am sorry to hear that your proposal was not accepted by the hospital. Did they give any sort of explanation or feedback? And are there others in your region you can reach out to?

In terms of what is happening in the US, my heart goes out to so many in this alarming and frightening situation. 💗

Not to worry about missing the session... as you know, there will be many more opportunities. And yes, next week should be a great one with Christopher Germer.

Wishing you well today!!

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Hey, Gillian,

You always seem to get my back! Thanks so much!

Funny you should ask about the Hospital; I just zipped off an email to this Regional Marketing Director who is completely tight-lipped and gave no reason 

whatsoever, as she is the Top PR Staff person for the Hospital as well, so with my observation of poor communication today at the Hospital, I filed a complaint re: some basic 

comunication issue today with no response from their Guest Relations Dept. It is afe to say, if Communication issues occur at the Basic level...there must Greater issues at the top, albeit, the Covid crisis ongoing.

So I left her some things to think about with my Open-door policy prevailing. Anyway, anoer hard lesson to learn here...

RE: Covid...the Us is struggling on numerous levels to get the Vaccine out; I have applied for the shot with None in sight as yet; we can only pray and hope!:)

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