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Suggestion or simply point me in the right direction...

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I'm looking for a simple guided meditation script 5 - 10 minutes tops to help take my congregation from doing mode to being mode; simply moving into a consciousness of "Being" I'm fairly new here but not to guided meditation, so I could do something free form, just wondering if there is something already in here someone might suggest. I'm reading through them all now, just trying to shorten the time frame. Thanks in advance for any guidance!

Rev. Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna

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I begin some classes / therapy sessions with a simple short breathing awareness exercise that does just that. 

The bones of it are:

- sit up straight

- inhale a full deep breath

- exhale fully and deeply

- return breathing to normal.

- keeping the mind still, bring the attention to the tip of the nostrils and just note  the sensations caused by air entering and leaving, without opening up a chat session in the head about it.

- do this for five minutes (or longer). 

- close the exercise by inhaling a full deep breath, exhaling slowly and fully and then return breathing to normal.

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