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I am new here

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I am Chantal Davis, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. My goal is to learn mindfulness tools to pass along to my patients and to bring my practice online during these difficult times. I would love to find a way to work with corporations as well. I would love any advice on how to best go about using this program. I am slightly disappointed to see that the live courses tend to always be on Wednesdays as I will never be able to go to one. I have two children 1/2 time and get them back on Wednesday mornings. I look forward to learning more and hopefully utilizing a lot of these tools in my personal life. 

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Hello Chantal! Welcome to the community of the Mastermind program. It's great to connect with you here.

I can understand the frustration of not being able to join the live workshops. Have you watched any of the replays yet? They tend to be uploaded within just a few days of being recorded.

In terms of how to best use the program, Sean has just uploaded some recommended first steps in the Dashboard - https://mindfulnessmastermind.com/dashboard/

From my viewpoint, I think the most information-dense material is indeed within the Mindfulness Fundamentals Course. Whether you want to certify or not, there is a ton of material and guided practices there. Also, I've not joined the live workshops but have really enjoyed watching the replays. I think the community is of great value, too, as so many of our members have a wealth of insight and experience.

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