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WIN: Formalisation of Tranquil Led

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Hi All,

A big win for me following the Tony Robbins UPW Virtual was the decision to go public with my side passion project. It's been moving in the background where I've been sharing material, ideas and posts. I felt I had to be careful, afterall, I have a full-time job. But I have 'outside business approval' so I thought why not

I have 45 guided meditations on YouTube. I will upload to InsightTimer soon enough. I also share daily my insights on key topics with quotes. On my main LinkedIn I also share several great articles I've found each day before summarising at the end of each week. Sean's material has also helped me

I have a Big Hairy Ambitious Goal for Tranquil Led. I see a lot of pain in the Corporate Space and know from my experiences that Mindfulness-based Leadership Development can have a significant impact. My own programmes have been rated the best available in Salesforce, and we have some great programmes at Salesforce. I do feel they aren't taking it seriously though hence switching focus to my own brand. Anyway, the BHAG:

- We have a scarcity of retreat centres in the North of England. Tranquil Led will be a retreat centre in the North of England. We will cater for primarily corporate clients (another gap) but also individuals too

- In building towards the BHAG, I'm working on a Masters of Psychology and Neuroscience, an ICF Coaching Cert and MMTCP run by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. These are my foundations

- Building on the foundations, I'll be launching an online curriculum along with more engaging materials. I'm just REALLY struggling to get this done right now given all the focuses and full-time job

- I'm exploring new roles. I'd like them to be more aligned to my passion but fear that my current expertise in Business Advisory (Technology) is what attracts companies interests. I'm working on this

I'm open to any further ideas of how I take tranquil led forward in this exciting journey

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Thanks so much for sharing your big win! It's a huge step to take it public - and it sounds like you've done so in a big way! Do you want to share your YouTube channel?

And I love the idea of Tranquil Led. I, too, dream of having a retreat centre somewhere in the country (Sweden or Canada as these are the two countries in consideration for me and my partner). 

Have you considered some type of crowdfunding campaign to raise money for your vision? Given that you have connections in the corporate world, you might be able to get support financially in bringing Tranquil Led to life.

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Hi Stephan,

I too would like to see your YouTube channel. 

Our paths have some similarities. I also have a background in tech (web dev, UX auditing, creative direction and brand strategy), have an academic / professional background in clinical and counseling psychology and am building an online learning / retreat center. It is an interesting mix and a challenging project.

You might also consider a kickstarter.com campaign to raise funds with no venture capital pressures.

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