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Infinitely Spectacular to Be Here! Guidance Please! - Rev. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

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Hello Everyone! My name is Stephen J. Kosmyna and I just came on board yesterday with "the works" diving into it all! I Am an ordained New Thought Minister with Unity and the Spiritual Leader of a spiritual center / church here in Fort Walton Beach Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico. After my ordination in 2014 I continued with my spiritual and metaphysical studies. My Master's Thesis focused on the power of our subconscious mind and my  Doctoral Dissertation was on visualization and how it relates to Holistic Life Coaching. I Am not new to meditation as this has been a large part of my focus in my work but I Am new to mindfulness and I love the interconnectedness of the two.

My wife and I have a personal development company called Success Ocean International. We are Proctor - Gallagher Certified Consultants facilitating a number of Bob Proctor's program focusing on radical personal transformation and quantum leap goal achievement for individuals, small businesses and corporations. We also do keynote speaking, corporate training, small business coaching and take on those who want to become entrepreneurs in this amazing field of personal and human potential development.  We are really looking forward to adding Mindfulness training to the mix.

I do have a question right out of the gate. What would you recommend or where should I look, within this incredible website, for something that would be perfect for a weekly series for my congregation. I would probably invite the general public too but I would like something that I could facilitate over a 4-5 week period 1 session per week from start to finish OR perhaps you'll recommend that I just do an ongoing program using the worksheets and meditations. I have plenty of classes on the shelf but I really feel that mindfulness is something everyone could us a lot more of right now. We have been doing everything via Zoom video conferencing since the middle of March and we won't have any in person gathering for awhile. I want something unique around mindfulness that I could do now to offer something different, with tremendous spiritual, mental, physical and emotional benefit, during this time that is stressful and challenging for many. I know I will find it eventually as I spend more time clicking through everything on the site, just trying to shorten the time so I can announce something very soon!  If you have been around this site for awhile, I sure would appreciate any input and guidance you can provide. Thank you so much!

Rev. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.



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Hello Stephen! Wonderful to connect with you here. I'm Gillian - the community moderator and chief care officer for the Mastermind program. If you have any specific questions about the resources or forum, please let me know.

As for resources to create a 4-5 session workshop series from:

The white-labelled teaching curriculum could be something you might edit to fit into these 4-5 sessions. You could cover a few topics per week, either taking them in the order they come here or mixing and matching the ones that you think would fit well together.

Another idea is to come up with 4-5 main topics you want to cover (i.e. Mindfulness Basics, Body Awareness, Loving-Kindness, Stress & Anxiety, etc.) and then looking through the scripts and worksheets to explore which teachings you feel called to share. 

Also, Sean is working on a 10-session curriculum with some more in-depth content and slides that should be out in the next couple of months. So depending on when you want to offer this, that could be something worth checking out in a few weeks from now.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or curiosities 🙂

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