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Gillian Florence

Sleep habits during the pandemic

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I'm usually one to go to bed quite early. I tend to have no problem nodding off at 9:30/10pm. But due to recent events (COVID-19), I've found myself staying up until 11 or midnight (which might be natural for some, but as I rise early regardless of what time I go to bed, I'm getting fewer hours of sleep each night). 

I'm not consciously stressed during these hours before bed, but I imagine that subconsciously there's something newly brewing. I think my cortisol levels must be higher than usual!

Has anyone else found that their sleep habits are a bit off due to recent events?

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Not sure if this is still happening to you Gillian, but I seem to be doing the exact opposite. I used to be famous for going to bed as late as midnight or 1 am. Now I try to get into bed no later than 11:30 pm and get up around 7:30 am. But my stress levels must be high because getting 6 hours of sleep during those hours has been very difficult. My blood pressure has even gone up. I will say that being sedentary doesn't help so am trying to be more active during the day. I almost need to wear myself out in order to sleep well. 

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Hey Patrice,

Interesting that the opposite sort of effect has occurred for you. I am now back to my normal sleeping hours, but I wake up more often in the night these days (4:30am today as my mind was clearly thinking about the Canadian election! I'm in Sweden, so that was the time that results were coming in).

Do you find that you are in bed no later than 11:30pm and having difficulty falling asleep, or rather that you are waking up in the night?

One thing I have started to do (not every night I might add, but sometimes, especially if I feel stressed or have emotions swirling) is to spend ten to fifteen minutes on my yoga mat before getting into bed - and then no phone from that point onwards. I just stretch or practice restorative or yin yoga. I find it really helps my mind to settle to just feel into my body and into the earth and to move naturally even if subtly.

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Hi Folks, 

There are so many Meditation Apps. out there & Meditate before bed can be helpful; taking Mindful Pauses help as well. And if you want a sleep analysis of your sleep, try wearing a Fitbit, which measures, Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, as well as measures your Awake time too.

Here is a Health Article I read that has various Sleep postures depending on your overall Health issues:


Now, other things to consider, how many pillows do you use at night? And how high or low is your Pillow at night?; what Temperature do you keep at night?

Also, regarding eating at night, if we have any snacks, we tend to be finished by 9PM if we are going to bed by Midnight or slightly before. Just a few suggestions to consider. 

Hope that helps,



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