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Gillian Florence

Teaching via Zoom

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Sean's Q & A this past Wed. was very impactful re: The Theme of "Belonging" and raised a fair amount of Emotions in folks

as well as furthering opening up ideas for our Q & A's, whether we have some Break-out Sessions to get to know one another

more and share ideas. Sean is considering options around that...

In an email to Sean, I suggested that we have a topic of Marketing Ideas to market our Mindfulness programs to Businesses; I noted to Sean that not all of us have Clients, per se; I wish our Facebook Group would get more active...I do my best to suggest and promote Meditations.

Have a Blessed Safe Weekend; Severe storms heading our way as 6 Citizens were killed recently in Ft. Worth along Black icy slick roads causing a Fully Road of Pileups of 150 Autos & Trucks, including 18 Wheelers! Some were even First Responders on the way to work who did survive-36 had to be transported to hospitals. It was such an ungodly mess!

As I say to many, we want to hear from you and Not About you (On The News!)

On a positive note, I shared the short version of the Metta Prayer with a Close Friend of Family, and she in turn, shared it with 34 Family & Friends unbeknownst to me! 







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Hello Rick! I just watched the replay of last week's Q&A (it's not up in the dashboard yet but it will be soon for those who want to watch it). And indeed, what a touching call that seems to have been. This topic of belonging is such an important one. I think that for a long time there has been a great need for meaningful community and belonging. This pandemic seems only to have increased that need.

I hope you are keeping well amidst that winter weather! Stay safe. 

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Hi Gillian,

I actually listened to February 3rd yesterday. I plan on returning to the meditation once in awhile. As difficult as it is, we are obviously all here for a limited amount of time and for me, this meditation is a gentle reminder of that. It might be nice to re anchor myself to this when I get caught up in sweating the small stuff. Thank you for letting me know about the 10th. I'll keep an eye out! 🙂

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Yes mindfulness of death is a really powerful practice! When I find myself caught up in worried thoughts at night, I am blessed when I remember to consider that each new morning is not a guarantee. That helps to soften my worries right away and to become more grateful for and attuned to the present moment. 🙂

Wishing you a peaceful Monday!

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