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Hi Friends,

I saw this Article that originated from the Gym I attend in Allen, Texas; it included a couple of sections RE:

                          "Mindful Movement" & the "The Walking Body Scan"; I thought folks may be intrigued as I was.

See the link here:


I'd be interested in your comments.

I'll throw in a side bar comment: at 72 & now own a Basketball for many years, I finally bought a brand new Basketball, LOL! I am tired of my gym not having enough B-balls to go around...my Comedy of errors was going to Best Buy (A common franchise store for Electronics) to purchase one; when I asked where the Basketballs were the young Clerk said to me, "I don't think there is anything Electrical about Basketballs" LOL! We both had a big chuckle over it as I realized in that moment, I was in the wrong store:) That was my Senior Moment of the day!:) See what y'all have to look forward to:).





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