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Hi Newbies to our Book Club...

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Welcome any recent Newcomers! Can you share what brought you to this Club?

I have not posted for a while, so I wonder what specific Topics interest folks?

Has anyone read David's book? Is anyone currently reading it? What comes up for folks?

What topics would folks like to discuss? I'm just as curious as anyone else?

Again, welcome, I am here to learn like all of you? 

What questions do folks have?


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Thank you, Renay,

You are the first to respond here for a while, so I applaud your persistence;  I have asked a few questions with no responses; I was hoping where for a Book Club, I thought there might be a few conversations. I must admit I've not asked any further questions seeing we have had a couple of difficult years, notwithstanding Covid issues with many.

If you come across any Questions or any of your own that are worth pursuing, I welcome any thoughts or questions.

I see this Club as a journey for all to partake; we are all Learners together.

Again , welcome back, Renay:).

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