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Brandon Conrad

Greetings from Miami....

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Hello everyone - today is my first day of my mindfulness teaching training - and I am super stoked to join the community.  

I work in retail and began using mindfulness about a year ago to help deal with the daily stress and anxiety that the job brings.  Covid caused a lot of anxiety for individuals working in the service industry.  I joined the program as mindfulness has impacted my life in such a positive way.  I want to start teaching as a way of giving back to those working for me -and for those working in the retail world. Retail workers are stressed and burnt out, and I want to help them reconnect to themselves.

I look forward to the journey ahead. I am nervous, excited, and ready to jump in!


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Hi @Brandon Conrad! Welcome to the program and our community. Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. I worked for many years in retail (and food service) and I know how stressful that environment can be. Mindfulness can certainly be a huge help.

Reach out if you have any questions as you move through the materials. I'm here to help (part of Sean's support team).

With gratitude,


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