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richard butler

Greetings from Barcelona

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Hey all

Super excited to be here, and super nervous too. As I just invested in myself and my future and the future of others.

Last year I left the corporate world to go out on my own as a video maker (youtube reviews, tutorials etc - more later if you're interested) and to work with HR executives in Spain to improve their English - actually more than just an English teacher in case you're thinking.  I coach them to be better and do better.

I also started a meditation course back in September which has helped me a lot and now feel it's time to integrate everything, as I can see that I am happier out on my own, and some of my fellow group members are so stressed, so I want to help.

That is about it for now - let me know if you have any questions.


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Hi @richard butler! A warm welcome to the community. Thanks for introducing yourself. I'm Gillian - part of Sean's support team. You can reach out if you have any questions as you navigate the program.

I can understand the feelings of nervousness, maybe they co-exist with excitement? You have joined a wonderful community that can support you as you navigate this journey.

Wishing you well today and reach out if you have any curiosities about the program.

With gratitude,


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