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Sherry Hole

Hi Everyone, I am Sherry

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Hello 🙂
My name is Sherry Hole. I am so happy to be here and to be taking this program with all you wonderful people! I recently started Yoga Teacher Training and know that this will augment that practice beautifully! I am a mama of 5 grown children, 4 grandchildren and another grandchild that is currently making her way into this world! I am waiting for the news at any moment now. I am also a  Registered Nurse, Nurse Educator and Nurse Entrapreneur. I became a Board-Certified Holistic Nurse and Nurse Coach and subsequently brought this training to Canada by opening a school for nurses to learn this amazing new way of being and how to implement these skills into both their personal and professional lives. 


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Hi Sherry! A warm, warm welcome to the program. I'm Gillian - community moderator and part of Sean's support team.

It sounds like you are doing incredible work and I have no doubt this program will beautifully complement your yoga training - and your nursing! We have had quite a few nurses in the program.

If you have any questions as you move through things, reach out at any time.

With gratitude,


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