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Caroline Karn


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Hello I'm Caroline, 

It's a pleasure to be here to learn more about teaching mindfulness meditation.  

My own meditation practice started 10 years ago following the birth of my second child, ill health led me to seek out a wonderful Hatha Yoga teacher and she introduced me to the benefits of meditation.  To begin with my preference (and need at the time) was for yoga nidra - the power of the practice helped me through some very dark days of unpleasant symptoms.  

Through various yoga and meditation teachers I have explored other meditation practices over the years including, candle gazing, loving kindness, moving meditation, body scans, mantra and primordial sound.  Breathwork is also very important to me, I've recently spent 4 weeks focusing on a daily practice of 10 minutes of coherent breathing each morning, before a guided meditation, with some interesting results.  I also see many benefits from using nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing), and have recently learnt the 'breath of joy'.  

My background before having children is 15 years experience working in human resources, recruitment and learning and development.  Developing people is at the core of my being, and I have recently qualified as an International Coaching Federation Coach.  Following a course about Mindfulness and Meditation for Coaches I now want to deepen my knowledge and expertise to use mindfulness meditation in and alongside my coaching work.  

I am unsure of my niche, or how this path will completely unfold, but I feel in my heart that I am in the right place. 

There is a duality to the training process; to deepen my own mindfulness meditation (and log 40 hours of practice), and to learn the tools and skills to support others to access a path of quiet contemplation.  

I know there are many benefits to this being a self-paced course.  I wondered if anyone would welcome a study buddy or some triad type practice, perhaps in June/July when I have had chance to work through some of the modules?  I was also interested in some mentoring support, once more of the details of the course have been explored.  

Om Shanti, 

Caroline x 




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Hi Caroline,

Welcome to the program! And thank you for this lovely introduction. Your two-fold vision for this program is exactly what most people report experiencing - a lot of personal growth and insight alongside the professional.

If Tuesdays at 9am Pacific time work for you, we'd love to have you join our weekly practice opportunities call. Sara-Mai and myself rotate leading them. They're usually small groups of about 4-6 people and they're very warm and welcoming.

I'm Gillian, by the way - part of Sean's support team. Reach out if you have any questions!


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