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Lisa Forde


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HI all,

I'm very happy to be here! I teach meditation from both the Yogic and Buddhist traditions. I taught meditation in a college for 2 years and I have always brought in the foundations of ethics and how we live in the world. I find it important to keep the philosophy alive in what I teach. I'm really interested in helping people to build more resilience 'to weather the storm' in changing times and to find a way to help heal the divisions that happen around the world. 

Other interests: Love adventures outdoors, being in nature, hiking, travel, caring for animals, dancing!

Look forward to connecting with you 🙂

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Hello Lisa! It is wonderful to hear from you. I'm Gillian - the community moderator for the Mastermind.

I can definitely relate to your interest in healing divisions. This is something I feel strongly called towards as well. It is in my Libran nature 🙂

I share many of your interests as well! Hiking, nature, dancing, animals. I also love journaling and poetry writing (my primary vocation is as a writer). 

Looking forward to connecting more with you! Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hello Lisa, 

Welcome, though I'm a relative Newbie myself; I'm Rick in McKinney, TX. USA; I see we are both Geminis; I bought a Journal Called: "Make It Happen", so when I fall back from it, It calls ou to me as it did today! Being a Gemini, do we share being inconsistent tendencies? What do you do when you start to feel overwhelmed?  Just curious...Again, welcome aboard!

Gillian, is ok I tell Lisa about Global Mindful group I began in Social Media?

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Thanks, Gillian,

Here is the Facebook one:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/GlobalMindfulMeditationGroup/  (Seeking Global Leaders to actively participate

and asking for assistance as we now have 242 Members [I began in in May 2019--we are the only Global Mindful Meditation Group].  

—-There are 3 questions to answer to get into the “ Global Mindful Meditation Group”.  Please scroll down to see all 3- thank you.

Our Linkedin Group:

https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12268868/ >>We have 62 Members and growing; I also plug the www.MindfulnessExercises.com Group as well.

I have a McKinney, TX Neighborhood local similar group as well.

If anyone would like to join me on my Global Mindful Meditation Education Podcast, send me an email @finestcoaching524@gmail.com

See the Podcast link:  https://anchor.fm/finestcoaching-rickbarber 

Hope that was ok:).




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