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Mildred Garcia

Problem with videos

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I just started with the program. I finished the Preface portion without any problems but when I started with the Program I am unable to view the videos. Have any of you had the same problem starting the program? How did you fix it?

thank you. I am so excited to be part of this program.

mildred garcia

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Hi Mildred,

So the videos under the 'Preface' section worked for you but subsequent ones did not? I have not heard of or seen this issue before. I am wondering if it is an issue with the browser you are using. Do you have another browser on your computer that you could try?

You can also try emailing Kaila at support@mindfulnessexercises.com to see if she has any thoughts on this matter. If you do, include a screenshot of what message you are receiving in place of where the video should play.


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