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Better late than never!

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Hello friends,

Originally from the UK, I've lived in Australia for 14 years now. Having been a school language teacher for 30+ years, last February the desire to have my work be more soul-aligned led me here - after a ton of interruptions, I'm keen to get back into it and see if it will lead to a new career for me!

I've been practising Kriya Yoga meditation for 25+ years and live just around the corner from my Guruji who I met in India; he migrated to Australia as a spiritual master in 2007. I wrote my book because meeting him was a life-changing experience! It's called: Kriya Yoga, Four Spiritual Masters and a Beginner.

And as it was songwriting that led me to meditation in the first place, I recently started releasing my songs on Spotify & the online stores with the idea of integrating mindfulness teachings & sharing spiritual wisdom together with the stories of the songs, through Instagram. Belatedly sharing them with the world and give my song-babies a new purpose, but better late than never! 🙂

Do say hello @heidiwyder as I will be very happy to hear from you!


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Hi Heidi,

Welcome back to the course! I'm glad to hear you are ready to dive back in. Life tends to get in the way, but when the time is right it will happen 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions as you navigate things.

With gratitude,


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Thank you Gillian!

I have made my way through the Workbook now and as about half was completed last year I will review the first section again before I send it in for review. Almost there with recording my practice which I do daily but have just been the worst at writing any notes therefore I just have to practice more and write more, which is also fine, I shall get there soon with recording notes for the sessions I do!!

But I am also wanting to get ready to move on to the practice.  I have just watched your video around certification and the MBI:TAC tool which was all very useful, then I have been to the brandable curriculum to have a look at the 10 lesson plans. It is very professional and if sticking to the script I can just start tomorrow I see! But it looks like to use all of that AFTER certification ideally?

So my question for the 7 practices we have to teach and use the self-assessment tools is - (I have printed off the Appendix with all the guidance instructions and the scripts for the practices in a folder ready to go) but do we just find three lots of people and ask them to be our guinea pigs for 5-10 mins whilst we do ask them to do the practices like 3 mindful breaths, body scan, etc, etc just as short stand alone 5-10 min practices without much introduction OR should we be attempting to put these practices into complete lessons as given in the brandable curriculum section, by asking our family for more time? I don't want to overcomplicate matters and hopefully it is just getting friends and family to allow us to 'practice' the scripts on them so they get a mini-mindfulness practice, but then the didactic element is not really there as  in the lessons, so I am not sure if that is enough and the intention if or what we are meant to do in addition to the scripts when doing the teaching element of the certification. Just read through the Teacher Guidebook and there too it seems like to start branding / organising for actual classes after getting the certification... 

I looked at the times when you do teaching practice online sessions but for me in Australia looks like it is is 1am which is a bit unfortunate! 

thank you for any suggestions




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Hey Heidi,

Wonderful to hear you are through the workbook now and focusing on personal and professional practice! So for the practice teachings, there is no set minimum amount of time you need for each practice, but I imagine you will want at least 15-20 minutes (or longer) so that you have time to hear your participants experiences, answer questions, and offer any additional thoughts or teachings after the guided portion.

This is required as there are a couple of domains in the self-assessment forms that ask you to assess relational skills, interactive inquiry and didactic teaching, etc. 

You don't need three different sets of people for each practice. For instance, maybe you have a friend that's really interested in mindful eating. You could do all three mindful eating practices with this person. You can also lead practices for small groups or for just one person - whatever is possible or makes the most sense for you and your community. 

Beyond close friends and family, you could ask for volunteers through your wider social network (i.e. Facebook, Instagram) if you have any of these platforms. Or you could reach out to a local community centre or library to see if they would be interested in having you lead free practice sessions.

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