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Good morning - thank you so much for reaching out to me.  I am extremely excited to be involved with this - I have just become certified as a life coach and am starting my podcast  THE WALK OF LIFE shortly - I want to implement as much as I can into my website and my program offers. I want a Mindfullness / Meditation area on my website and I want to sell my services along with recorded meditations (I will have them re-done) 


Can you offer guidance on what I can and cannot offer please and what are the first steps I should be considering

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Hi Cheryl,

Congratulations on your recent certification as a life coach and on your new podcast! I have no doubt mindfulness and meditation will be a complement to your work.

In terms of your question, do you mean what you can and cannot offer in regards to the resources supplied here? If so, to offer an overview:

Worksheets - you can share these with your students but you cannot resell or rebrand them
Scripts - you cannot resell these or share the written copies with others, but you can use them to record or lead your own meditations 
Slides/workbooks/curriculum - these cannot be resold, but you can use them in your teachings when sharing mindfulness and meditation with others

I hope this helps and addresses your question. For legal considerations, I highly recommend joining this Wednesday's workshop with Heather Pearce if you can (or watching the recording when it is posted later).

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In respect of Sean's materials, I would stress the Copyrights to his Materials are his & his alone; all of us are bound by Federal Copyright Laws; many folks are uneducated about how important Copyright Laws are; the same applies to me as a Professional Photographer; I had a recent situation where an Attorney/Politician displayed one of my Family Portraits I had shot with his Wife on a Physical/Digital Political magazine regarding the Husband's Political campaign; when I spotted this, I sent the Magazine a Cease & Desist Registered Letter; the end result was: the Magazine pulled his Ad down as he was reminded about Copyrights that were not his to begin with; this is just to illustrate the importance of Copyright Laws.

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