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Katie Arnold

Jud Brewer - the process of selfing

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I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Dr Brewer and all involved in organising yesterday's Zoom session. It finished at 11 pm in London and it took me about 2 hours to fall asleep as I was so pumped and energised!

I loved delving into the science (even though I sometimes struggle a bit to process "the science bit" - or is this just another story I've created around the "self"... hmmm.) Anyhooo, I definitely found it empowering to better understand how things are working scientifically in our brains, especially to see the positive impacts of mindfulness and meditation on the functioning of the brain. 

I made a few notes and one of my main take aways was Jud saying something along these lines (see paraphrased para below) towards the end, based on findings presented... it's taken quite out of context so if you weren't on the session, I'd definitely recommend watching it back to hear/experience what led us to this point, but I was keen to share all the same as for me, it really summarises my personal "why" for guiding people through their mindfulness journey:

.... Our brains naturally incline towards connection, kindness, curiosity – which all feel ['feel' being the key word here] more open. When we're open / we open up (rather than contract which tends to happen if we're stuck in the mind or ego, and are triggered - anxious or tense, for example), we start to lose a sense of where 'we' end, and where everything else begins (people, universe etc). This is because ultimately we are dissolving the self. This is why mindfulness is so important–helping us to see how painful it is to keep our stories going. Society trains us to live through our stories, identifies, ego self. It all comes down to awareness. Awareness helps to keep us open.

I really like the quote in the pic too - I've seen it before but a powerful reminder!

Would love to hear how others found it too.

Huge thanks again! x

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 22.20.07.png

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Thank you for sharing all this Katie - and yes! That part of the workshop that you quoted stood out to me as well: this natural inclination towards kindness, connection, and curiosity. I, too, struggled a bit with the science at times - had to pause and replay certain sections (I just watched the recording, which will be posted soon).

Anyways, so glad you really enjoyed this session and hope you slept well when sleep finally came 🙂

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