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Gillian Florence

What do you currently need at this stage of your journey into teaching mindfulness?

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This week's question asks:

What do you currently need at this stage of your journey into teaching mindfulness?

Take a moment to sit, to close your eyes, and to reflect on what you need as a mindfulness teacher at this point in your journey. What would support your growth?

Examples of things you might note include: a more committed personal practice, more time reading/studying, increased self-compassion, increased patience, more teaching practice, maybe even a leap of faith into a new opportunity. Simply consider what step or action or quality would support you where you are right now.

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Hey Daniel,

I think this will depend a bit on your existing teaching or professional experience, your location (i.e. are you going to teach online or in person), your social media network, and the needs/opportunities available in your local community. So based on that, some general ideas might be to:

1. Reach out to friends or family who could be your practice 'students'
2. Offer free practices as a teacher-in-training through social media
3. See if a library or local community centre would be open to you offering free practices
4. Recording yourself teaching and then listening to it as if you were the student! This isn't quite 'teaching others', but it could be a good place to start and help to fine-tune your teachings 

Do any of these resonate with you?

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