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Daniel Charles

Participent/ Student Intake form

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Hi Can anyone share their intake form or @Gillian Florence that would be a great addition to the resources. Iknow there is one at the back of the 10 lesson teaching guide, but Im wondering if as stated in one of the lessons, regarding people who have illness or chronic mental health issues, we should be careful when taking on these clients correct?


For some of us that haven't done this kind of work before, that support would be a huge help. 

Love to you all

Many thanks


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Hi Daniel,

Yes, it is lesson 11 that includes a sample registration and informed consent form. This one does cover some of the mental health challenges that may arise, but I am curious to know if others have alternatives they would like to share. If I find another one, I will share it here. I also know that Sean has plans to invite a legal expert for a guest workshop that can go into more depth in regards to these questions. If that gets confirmed, I'll share it in this thread.

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