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Donna Smith

Hello from Donna Australia

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Hello everyone I am very excited to have joined this course I have been wandering aimlessly looking into the subjects of neuroscience and the interception of spirituality. There is such a vast field and all of it is extremely interesting but I get distracted going from one modality to the next without any real path and I have felt like I am stuck in a maze of overwhelm and cant find the right path. 

I have studied MBSR for health professionals and studied both Vipassana and TM and have worked as a nurse for over 25 years in all stages of the lifespan and all phases from acute to chronic within many different cultures.. I am also an acupressure practitioner. I still feel like I am missing something. Although I admire and respect the work of all health professionals, I feel a need to move away from sickness to wellness and my nursing path no longer affords the time to tend to patients wellness needs. I know our survival depends on the higher vibrations of love, peace, happiness and kindness. words too often absent in our vocabulary and insignificant in our economy.

I feel I have found a path to be open to learning how to both, embrace and impart the wonders of our universe/consciousness /state of being( I've only just found the sign post so please excuse anything that may sound trite). Looking forward to being with you all on this journey

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Welcome to our program and community Donna! It's wonderful to have you here. I'm Gillian - part of Sean's support team. Reach out if you have any questions as you navigate the program.

I resonate with your journey - with that 'pull' towards a wide variety of modalities or 'paths'. It can certainly be confusing and/or overwhelming. I am glad your journey has brought you here and trust where it is guiding you (even if it's not always so clear) 🙂

Wishing you a mindful end to your week,


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