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Damodar Roe


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I've been interested in this course for a few months and finally decided to sign up. I am a life coach, and I find that the principle of mindfulness is extremely helpful in my sessions. Creating distance from the mind, we are empowered to choose how we respond to our thoughts, feelings, and desires. We gain a stronger sense of agency in our own lives.

I also practice mantra meditation. While having a mantra as the object of meditation is easier than meditation without any object of focus, it is still challenging not to get distracted. I'm hoping that in addition to developing more skills for my life coaching practice, that I can improve the quality of my mantra meditation.

Also looking forward to connecting with peers and teachers here! 



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Hello Damodar! Welcome to the program and our community. Thanks so much for your introduction and for joining us.

There are many students here with a range of other modalities and trainings behind them (i.e. life coaching, reiki, yoga, nursing, etc.). Mindfulness is a wonderful addition to all of these and more. I'm sure what you learn here will wonderfully complement your coaching.

I'm Gillian by the way - the community moderator and part of Sean's support team. If you have any questions as you move through things, let me know.

With gratitude,


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