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Hi Members,

First of all, we are a growing community; feel free to choose a topic that interests you; also be free to begin a new Topic re: TSM for us to discuss & or questions you may have.

Second and this is Big News: 

I was in David's Monthly Meet-up yesterday & he announced to all, that though he is taking a break for a while, he informed us that he is and will be producing a TSM Workbook that will contain many TSM themed exercizes; he is also forming some Smaller Coaching Groups and may even provide some one on one Coaching for designated Fees.

Also, here is the link from yesterdays Meetup; I noticed the click-on link did not work, so I am providing the direct link below:

Just so I do not misstate anything; here is a copy of his email:



DavidTreleaven.com banner

"Hi everyone,

Thanks to all of you who joined us yesterday for our Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness (TSM) Meet-Up. We covered a wide variety of topics such as creating safety with intake forms and follow-up surveys, and cultivating belonging when we're triggered by a student or client. 

If you missed the Meet-Up or want to access it again, you can do so here. As I mentioned in my last email, this was our final Meet-Up for a while, but you can find a link to all previous Meet-Up recordings here.

In the Meet-Up we also announced a new TSM Mentorship and Supervision Program. In 2022, I'm looking to work with a handful of people who are interested in receiving personal and professional mentorship around Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness (TSM). 

This year-long program is for those of you who want to:

  • Receive intensive personal and professional mentorship from me (David) over a 12-month period
  • Engage in personal trauma-healing (where appropriate) to support your work and practice
  • Deepen your understanding of TSM through tailored, individualized practices
  • Amplify your impact as TSM practitioners in the world 

If you'd like to hear more about the program, please write to us at support@davidtreleaven.comand we'll send you more information. We've created a short application form for those of you who are interested, and there will be scholarships available, as well.

In the meantime, we'll be continuing to send you resources on TSM including new articles, relevant interviews, and podcast episodes designed to support your work and practice.

Thanks again, everyone.


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A Youtube link was not working, so I provided that.
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