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Michaela Jones

Hello from Texas

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Hello all. My name is Michaela (pronounced mee-kah-ay-la). I am in Texas, US. I am an ND, Energy Healer and Medical Intuitive, in addition to some other things. I joined because I am always looking for ways to center and calm myself and raise my vibration. I would also love to be able to bring something additional to my clients as part of their quest for total body, mind and spirit wellness. I believe this will be a good fit. I am looking forward to the journey and learning more as I go.

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9 hours ago, Gillian Florence said:

Hi Michaela! Welcome to the program and our online community. It's lovely to e-meet you. I'm Gillian - part of Sean's support team. If any questions arise as you work through the materials, let me know.

With gratitude,


Thank you Gillian. I will let you know. Lookin forward to it.

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Ahh...ok, Cool...so, not close to McKinney....I was doing a Live Outdoor Mindful Meditation Group in Allen, TX. before my Fiancé had Knee Surgery; we completed 15 Weeks...it was a new refreshing Practice for all who came...The a Week ago Monday, I did a Live Indoor Introductory Intentional Mindful Meditation group at the McKinney Library for the public which was well-received. So there are many options out there:)

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That's awesome Rick! Yes, you are not that close to me. I am closer to the Forth Side of DFW. Texas is so big that even the Metroplex area can be the size of a small state. Ha ha. I will be looking for ways to implement teachings. Currently, majority of my clients are virtual, a shift that happened over the last year or so, but I have been looking for different activities to do in-person. So, those are some great inspirations you gave. I definitely want to incorporate meditations with my clients as an additional tool to help them in their healing journey for sure. If nothing else, that's a great use of what I learn here.

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