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Gillian Florence

What do you perceive to be the hardest part of teaching mindfulness?

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This week's question asks:

What do you perceive to be the hardest part of teaching mindfulness?

I am curious to hear about what people think are some of the hardest parts of teaching mindfulness. It could be anything from:

  • answering post-practice questions...
  • to remaining mindfully embodied throughout the session...
  • to finding your authentic teaching voice...
  • to marketing and reaching new clients.

Whatever feels challenging to you about this journey, I'd love to hear.

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Marketing seems to be most challenging for me.

I am Teaching an Introductory Intentional Mindful Meditation at our Public Library on Nov. 22, 2021- this is a first City agency for me. I am attempting to do the same at a Citywide Gym Program; I’m trying to get a Sit-Down with the Asst. Mgr. next week. So time will tell.

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Thanks for sharing Rick! Let us know how the introductory session goes. 

I may have already shared these links with you, but if not, you might find some helpful ideas in either of these:



I wonder if we have any marketing experts here (this is certainly not my forte). One thought that comes to mind though: Do you have an email list? I am slowly building mine up, which I think is a great way to connect directly with your audience.

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