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Guided Meditations for Practice Log

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@Gillian Florence

I see that there is a list of links to meditations on the practice log from which we can use to practice and record on our log. Is this a list of "you can only use these meditations"? In other words, is this saying I cannot record  the meditations I do in insight timer that aren't Sharon Salzberg's on my daily practice log? 

Or is the  list of sites to find meditations a suggested list and we can record the meditations we do outside of the list provided?

Last question, can we record the meditations we do within the modules. For instance, I've done the body scan meditation multiple times now - outside of the lesson. Can I record those? 


Thanks much!!

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Great questions! So first, the meditations noted in the Meditation Log are just ideas to get people started. You are absolutely free to find meditations elsewhere - or even to practice without guidance - and record those sessions.

You can also record the time you spend practicing meditations within the modules 🙂

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