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Would anyone like to tackle the First Topic?

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First of all, welcome to our newer Members!

Have any/all have you read David's Book?

Now that we have 10 Members now, I figured folks could step up & respond, so how about it?

(BTW, do not be intimidated by my Bold Purple Color Font; I chose Purple with it's association with the theme of Hope, ok?) It's a choice:)

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That's nice to hear, Melissa, 

Congrats, you are the first post to respond; I do appreciate that; not sure about others; sorry to hear you endured some Trauma, though hope his book has provided some relief for you. 

I love David's Book, I am almost finished with it; I admit I copied his photo from his Profile Photo; being a Professional Photographer, I know better; yet,  I was trying to pose an attractive photo so folks will be attracted to the Group seeing David's Photo...

Anyway...be that as it is; feel free to post Topics you think/feel would be inviting to others...

Thanks again & welcome!

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On 10/19/2021 at 11:39 PM, Melissa Tennyson said:

I got this book a few months ago, so I'm so happy to see this group discussing the book! I find David Treleaven's insights so useful for me in processing my own trauma, and thinking about how it interacts with mindfulness practice for me. 

So Melissa,

How are you finding David's Book?

What stand out in your Mind?

What useful tools have you found useful?


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