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Gillian Florence

Tips for moving through this program

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Hi everyone,

I thought I'd start a thread dedicated to any tips you might like to share for moving through this program. Maybe you have a great way of organizing your documents, or maybe you use some type of technique to stay focused and moving through the lessons. Also, if you have a question about how to organize things or how to work on any particular certification requirement, share it in this thread. Let's support one another in reaching our goals for this course.

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Hi Gillian,

Here's what I've done to get organized. I'm using Evernote to organize all of the information I'll need to complete the program. So I have a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification "notebook stack" that includes the following notebooks -

- Certification

- Getting Started

- Lesson Notes

- Journal

- Online Sleep Course (because I've been having issues with insomnia)

Within each notebook are relevant "notes," e.g. I have a note for each Lesson in the Fundamentals course. The Journal notebook lets me record thoughts and ideas that may arise day to day as I'm moving through the program. In the Certification notebook, I have all of the info related to teaching mindfulness (e.g., Training Deep Dives, self-assessment tools).

I also have a MMTC folder in Google Drive where I store the Workbook, the Daily Meditation log, and other documents that I have downloaded from the program. Within the MMTC folder, I have folders for the Certification Requirement documents, the brandable curriculum, the lessons, and supplemental material where I store docs on mindfulness that I've found online (I can convert web pages into pdfs).

It took a couple of months to figure this out, but it's working pretty well now. Hope it helps.


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Hi Patrice! I love to hear you are using Evernote. I find it very user-friendly once you navigate the basic features. It's also great to hear about your breakdown - the different notebooks you've created. I am sure this will be helpful to others who are trying to get organized. Thanks for sharing.

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