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Emil Guillermo

Hi I'm Emil Guillermo

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I realized I hadn't done this yet officially, I think. I'm Emil. I live in Northern California. Close to San Francisco. I am a writer who has discovered mindfulness and would like to help those who are like me. Not clinically in need. But in need just the same of something. 

Now that clinicians acknowledge self-help actually works, I figure there are still folks who need someone to help guide and heal. Hence, teaching seems to be a way that could help and serve a lot of people who think they're OK, but are not. Or at least, they could be better.

I also have some experience with race issues and would like to help those in BIPOC communities deal with personal and historical narratives. My unique style is a sense of humor and play. Like Mary Poppins said, "A spoonful of sugar..."

Glad to meet you all.


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Hi Emil! Thank you for the introduction here - and nice to see a fellow writer! What sorts of things do you write?

I love the sounds of your vision for supporting others. As you move through the program, let me know if any questions arise. I am here to help.

With gratitude,


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Hi Gillian:

As a journalist I write news analysis and commentary. You can find them here  http://www.aaldef.org/blog. 

I publish in a lot of different places, have move toward public talks and book writing. Meditation has been 

helpful. And now I teach others to talk about their race narratives. I have lots of questions about certification so

I will be in touch!




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Hi Emil! Good to meet you. I'm also a newbie to the course. Sending you all the good vibes, and I hope you enjoy this course as much as I already am!

I grew up in northern California -- a tiny mountain town called Weaverville, an hour west of Redding in the Trinity Alps. I miss the beauty of that part of the world, although I am also in a beautiful place now (Portland, Oregon). 

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Hi Melissa: Sorry it's taken me a while to respond and navigate the site. Thank you for reaching out. Yes I have heard of Weaverville. And I love Portland, although it has too many great donut shops (Not voodoo, but there's one I went to that played with Doe in its name). I'm still at it mindfully. And I hope you are as well. I wanted to get it all done in two months, but I'm just too busy. Now I am going slow!

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Hello Emil, 

Great to learn and practice together. 
Wishing you a deeply enriching time in this training. 

I also thought to get this done in a short period of time, however I do feel there is so much to take in and digest that a slow pace is probably better. As Sean says it's the process that's important. 
Happy to journey with you. 

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missed out on something...
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