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Hello, happy to be joining you

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Hello All 

I hope this will be going into the Introduce Yourself section....but time will tell.

I am happy to be joining you all from the West Coast of Canada (Victoria, BC to be exact). Mindfulness and meditation have had such beneficial effects in my life and well-being journey that I hope to help others through my programs and work as well.

I am a Wellness and Intentional Creativity Coach and my business is called Grow Your Own Way Wellness.  My passion is to reconnect people to nature, to their soul wisdom and to their creative powers. I truly believe by cultivating holistic well-being we create a better future for ourselves, society and the planet.

I'll leave it at that for now. Looking forward to learning, growing and connecting with you all on this journey. 

With gratitude,


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Hello Marnie! Looks like your post indeed made it into the 'Introduce Yourself' section. Lovely to meet you in this virtual community. My name's Gillian and I'm the community moderator for the forum. My apologies for the delay in responding - I've been on a mini (local) vacation this week.

As a writer and aspiring novelist, your business sounds very interesting. Are you a writer, artist, or other creative yourself?

Feel free to share any thoughts or questions anywhere you feel drawn to in the forum. And if you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

Have a lovely day!

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