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Alan Cantor

Hello from Boston!

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Hi! I am excited to be in this course and to learn and develop. For the past 20+ years, I have been a coach and guide people through all sorts of relationship and work issues. In addition to one-one coaching, I lead a men's group, The Surround: The purpose of The Surround is to activate you to explore your life by connecting with, trusting with, and listening with men so that you experience greater freedom, power, love, and peace in relationship.

I am an ordained interfaith minister and arden cyclist. 

This course will augment my meditation practice and fulfill a calling I have had to teach meditation as part of my coaching practice. 

I welcome connection with you all and look forward to peer collaboration and support. 

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Welcome, Alan, From a former Bostonian,

What part of Boston are you? I grew up in Jamaica Plain; lived there for 25 years.

We are all here as a Team; feel to connect anytime. I come from a Religious Family, where my Unclle was an ordained Minister on my Dad's side & had 2 St. Joseph Nuns on my Mother's side of the Family:) Real Ecumenical:)

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Rick, Good to hear from a fellow Bostonian. I grew up in Dorchester and then Brookline. Currently live in Ashland (Metrowest, near Framingham). 

My father was an Orthodox Jew and died when I was 8.. Long story, short...I probably would have been an Orthodox Rabbi had he lived. The spiritual pathway has been varied. I have been a member of a Unitarian Universalist Church for many years. Last year, I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister. 

I look forward to continuing to connect and the peer coaching sessions. 

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OMG, Alan,

That's amazing! My Dad's Family roots go way back to Ashland, MA; one of my Dad's Uncles was the Town Clerk there many years ago...

congrats on your Ordination; that must be quite the Story.:) I see Molley sent us an email RE: Peer Support; I'll track it down & add you if you'd like.

Let me know, ok?


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