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A Minor Win, Yet A Win, Nonetheless...

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Hi All, 

I have been negotiaing for months to convince our Public Library to have a Mindfulness Program in McKinney, TX; they finally have approved me for this program;

though I was hoping for a 1 Hr. A Week program, they have me scheduled for check one Evening on Nov. 22; here's the link if you are looking to provide an Introductory program in your community;

the Library developed the Summary; I have my Program all ready to go & am promoting it all over the Web; here it is:


                     https://www.mckinneytexas.org/Calendar.aspx?EID=15839&month=11&year=2021&day=22&calType=0  >>>The upshot is: Dont Give Up; I have higher hopes for 2022 at the Library. Feedback is welcomed.

Thanks in advance:)




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