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Hi Colleagues,

Welcome to our Book Club Re: Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness in reference to Davis Treleavens Book.

1.  I want to briefly explain my colored font; it is not meant to be Self-centered; the Color Purple is to convey a sense of Hope to all; I'm surprised that others do not use the color font.

2. Who all have finished reading David's Book? Who is currently reading it? Who has not even began it or bought yet?

3. Who has attended any of David's Classes either in our Q & A's or in his Facebook group or both?

4. What Initial thoughts &/or questions do you have?

Feel free to comment on any or all.


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Is anyone interested here? I have tried to introduce this Club the best way I could; I'm no expert at this; just thought it would be helpful to discuss his book and/or Trauma situations related to his David's book; I am more than halfway through his book...would Folks be interested in his Facebook group?

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