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Deann Burch

Hello from Southern California

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KNOW THYSELF – these are the words on which my siblings and I were raised. I’m Deann (DeANN) Burch from Southern California. I thrived in the higher education environment for nearly 40-years as a Career Center Coordinator managing a supportive and engaging Career Planning Center team which guided students to KNOW THYSELF as they elevated their self-awareness, defined their goals, made decisions, prepared for the job search process, and strengthened their workplace skills.

During this same time in my personal life, I served as an empathic lightworker, intuitive astrologer, spiritual development teacher, psychic investigator, and metaphysical group leader. Upon retirement in November 2019, I began to integrate the two worlds of my previous profession in higher education and my lifelong vocation in the spiritual development community by starting a passion-project called SylvanWise Integrated Journeys. I connect with spiritual wanderers, mindful explorers, and mystical seekers to KNOW THYSELF through classes, intuitive readings, astrological insights, and connections with the energies of nature to simplify, demystify, and de-myth-ify “stuck-points” to gain a deeper awareness of their life’s purpose, patterns, and influences which explain past events, inform current decisions, and inspire future choices.

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Hello Deann! Wonderful to e-meet you - and thanks for the introduction. Your work sound very interesting - and inspiring! I am currently undertaking a program in Depth Hypnotherapy after which I hope to also work one-on-one with seekers and wanderers 🌟

I'm Gillian, by the way - Chief Care Officer for this program. If you have any questions as you navigate things, reach out at any time.

Looking forward to learning more from you. Feel free to share any thoughts, reflections, or insights elsewhere in the forum if you feel called to.

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