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Peer support?

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Good morning,


I wonder if anyone would be interested in creating a peer support group to enhance the experience of working through the lessons and guiding meditations?

My idea is to connect in a smaller group. I love the Wednesday sessions with Sean and also feel I could use more connection with others on this journey.

I also believe this could be a great time to practice guiding with each other and give and get feedback.


Anyone interested?


I know it could be a logistical nightmare to create a zoom group but am willing to give it a shot.


Thanks for considering this.



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Hi Molley! It's great to see that you'd like to connect and create a small peer support group. I am going to tag a few members that may be interested - no pressure of course to those that I tag 🙂

@lisammany@gmail.com @Vincenzia Diedericks @marga.wiekens123@yahoo.co.uk

Molley - you can also check out this thread - 


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Hi Rick,


Lets try to find a time that works for us and take it from there. 

If that works for you. I think you are in Texas, I am in New Mexico so an hour earlier than you. 

Fridays are better for me and I prefer morning.

Want to try the 13th or 20th of August at 10 my time?


Look forward to hearing from you,



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Hi all,

I am SO sorry for not responding sooner. I obviously have not been logging into the forum and must have missed the emails tagging me. My schedule has become increasingly challenging and I'm no longer able to create a side group as I would have liked. I am still fully engaged in listening to Sean's mentoring sessions and attend whenever possible and am extremely interested in hearing if Sean decides to offer sessions at other times. I'm glad to hear that a few people are connecting. I can be here if people have an occasional question that I can help with or really feel like they need someone to talk to. Gillian, please feel free to tag me anytime. 😃 I will try to be better about responding.

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