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Hello from Calgary, AB Canada!

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I am a first generation Canadian born and raised in Cowtown (Calgary)! I began my spiritual journey over 20 years ago and have been meditating for more than 10 years. I feel so grateful to have come across mindfulness meditation over a year ago when the pandemic began and it has inspired me to want to teach this practice to others.  I found this teacher training program recently which has inspired me even more to share mindfulness with others. 

My passions are nature photography and writing. Here's a pic of one of my favorite parks in Calgary. We have amazing walking trails and rivers where I walk and meditate every week. Give me a shout if you ever want to visit Calgary! 


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Hi Rosanna! So lovely to read your introduction. Thank you for sharing. It seems there have been quite a few new members from Canada recently. I myself am from Toronto but live in Stockholm, Sweden currently.

I'm part of Sean's support team for this program, so if you have any questions as you navigate the resources, reach out at anytime.

With gratitude,


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Pretty Shot, Rosanna, Welcome,

I learnt a new Definition of Photography called : 

Mindful Photography (Unsure of this source.)

"Photography as Meditation:

How so? Neuroscience has determined that multi-tasking is a myth. Your brain actually cannot do two things at once, which is why focusing on your breath in meditation has such a profound effect and is the core tenet of that practice. The same thing applies to photography. If you’ve shifted your brain’s focus to the steps necessary to take a photo, at that very moment your brain isn’t engaged in all the thoughts (good, bad, and ugly) that preceded it. Even for a nanosecond, by placing your Attentional Aperture on something you find interesting and then composing and capturing an image, you’ve pulled your brain out of its usual routine and into a more mindful state".

I never considered this like thinking before, till now...








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