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Greetings from a warm and sunny London

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Hi Everyone

I am so excited to be walking this journey and rediscovering the Mindful approach to living. Being able to share my experiences and support others along this path is one of my greatest Joy's in life. I love facilitating a space for people to discover new aspects of them selves, find healing, acceptance and the power within to overcome stresses and anything that intimately does not serve thier progression. Thank you for walking this journey with me and I look forward to learning and sharing and engaging with everyone here as we develop together. My name is Andrew and I am a coach, a nurse and have a passion for engagement, learning and development and supporting others to find liberation within. 


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Hello Andrew! Wonderful to meet you here in the community. London is one of my favourite cities. My boyfriend and I had a trip planned to visit during the end of March but as you can imagine it was cancelled.

I look forward to learning from you in this community. Feel free to share your thoughts, insights, or questions in any forum topic or start your own if you'd like. All the best!



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