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Hola, I am bringing mindfulness to Ayurveda and the emotions in Mexico

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Hello new friends, I am an American now living in a tropical beach town in Mexico. I am excited to have more skills to share mindfulness with my Ayurveda clients.  And I am always cultivating my ability to live mindful. Living in paradise makes it easy, as there is so much beauty. But there are also plenty of challenges and frustrations, like so much noise, cultural and language barriers, feeling lonely sometimes.

I've been personally practicing mindfulness since the '90s and it has been one of the most important and powerful sources of healing for myself.  I want to share it with my clients, as the more I work with people, the more I see that the ability to honor the mental and emotional body is as important - and perhaps more important - then following the perfect diet, herbal regime, and exercise plan.  


2 years ago I ended up having psoriasis all over my legs despite, 30 years of an incredibly healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle. I tried everything to clear my skin, yet nothing worked. ...Until I started working with a practitioner to help me be more mindful of my emotions. I was especially good at bypassing anger and skipping towards anxiety or sadness. I had been using mindfulness and meditation as a way to feel more present and peaceful by avoiding anger, rather than moving through anger. So I had decades of angers held within me, quietly festering.


In a nutshell,  stuffing the anger triggered emotional inflammation, which triggered physical inflammation, that came out of my skin as hot red angry spots. After just one session of being present with anger, the itchiness immediately went away. I continued to be mindful of the emotions, and within 3 weeks my skin was completely clear.  


Since then, I have been working a lot with clients to also address the emotional body.  I realized I was lacking the skills to take them on a deep enough journey. So here I am.


May your day be nourishing today, Tauna

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Hello Tauna,

Thank you so much for what you've shared. Welcome to the program and community!

I'm Gillian - part of Sean's support team and the moderator for this forum. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

It's so interesting to read about your investigation of the connection between mind and body. Have you read anything by Louise Hay? Curious to learn more about your influences and insights.

With gratitude,


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