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Elaine OKeefe

Hello from Red Wing, MN, US

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Hello from Red Wing, Minnesota, USA

I'm Elaine O'Keefe. I am thrilled to be in this space with so many incredible hearts and minds!

A little bit about me:

I've practiced "mindfulness" since 2005 when I began running an empowerment group for adolescent girls in the Girls on the Run program. We used the raisin activity to teach them about mindful eating! I recall teaching it to the board of directors as well. That exercise has stuck with me for years and I'm thrilled to be called to practice it again as I work towards certification. Other things to know about me are that I've been a social worker/change agent for over 30 years. Currently I'm co-founder of a coaching platform that connects coaches who like working collaboratively with those who desire coaching but don't know how or where to find a well vetted coach.

I'm mother of 3 adult children and live happily with my college sweetheart who I married over 30 years ago! We have 2 dogs: a golden lab named Bailey (12) and a golden retriever named Nala (3). Other interesting things about me is that five years ago I had a significant health crisis resulting in a major surgery that saved my life. To get through the transplant I needed the help of a good therapist. She helped me integrate guided imagery and  a robust gratitude practice into my life. I took my medical background (and experience) and qualified to enter the Mayo Clinic Wellness Coach program, passed, and a 6 months later became a NBC-HWC. 

A couple years ago I discovered Sean Fargo and his enormous resource library. A year ago I purchased his set of meditations and began to incorporate a meditation at the end of each session. My clients absolutely love them! I have been teaching a gratitude course that I wrote in 4 countries and to over 700 people since 2019. I've also taught a handful of  meditation courses and really enjoy it but I want to improve and understand the science behind it AND have a curriculum I can use along with some marketing wisdom around mindfulness. I felt called to join this program and become certified. I'm excited to get to know others in this community, and learn from some of the very people I've been following over the years!

Thank you for making this affordable, self-paced and accessible Sean! I am ready to learn! 

Pic: Our family



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Elaine, hello and welcome! It was such a pleasure to read your introduction. It's always nice to get a feel for the background of people in this community. 

I'm Gillian - part of Sean's support team and the moderator for this community. I'm a meditation teacher, women's circle facilitator, and freelance writer. I'm also certified in hatha yoga, though I haven't been teaching recently. If questions arise as you navigate the program, let me know 🙂

Have you had a chance to check out some of our past workshops? There is a wealth of information there and some sessions really hone in on the science behind mindfulness (such as Dr. Richie Davidson's session). 

Looking forward to hearing more about your experience and insights here in the community,

With gratitude,


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