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I discovered this Intriguing Poem...

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I wondered what Thoughts, Feelings come to mind; here it is:

                               I Belong-You Belong-We Belong

                       If in time, you have Doubts, Fears, Blame & Shame

                       You may think who is like me, are they the same?

                      What if we are all on the same Cloud, who will rise up?

                      Doubt says, “You can’t rise up-You are not Good enough”!

                      Fear Says, “Stay Away, Stay away-Run-You must Hide”!

                      Blame remarks, “It’s all Your Fault”-thinking which is my Side?

                      Shame replies, “See what you have done, Again & Again”-huddles in a corner.

                      The Mind splits in so many Pieces, why didnt it come back?  The Mind ponders-Scorner?

                      Amidst all this strings of Chaos, The Mind takes a Breath & seeks it’s Flaws.

                      Who is that who curses the Mind to Flutta, Sputta, & still takes another Pause?

                       The Mind always seeks to devilishly create natural Thoughtful Disasters!

                        So, if so, where does the Mind fit in & who decides, Before and After?

                       The Mindful Pause says to the Thinking Mind, who are you to judge & scorn?

                       So who really fends for itself, another long deep Breath & seeks not to thorn ?

                       The refreshing easing Mindful Buddah’s Breath ultimately releases:

                       Yes, I do Belong, & Yes, You Do Belong, & Yet to all The Minds, We do Belong!                            

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