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Hello from Ohio

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Hi Everyone - I'm Cat Donofrio and I'm a women's wellness coach. I've really immersed myself into meditation and mindfulness just in the past few years, after taking an MBSR course through Duke. Then, as I studied for my nutrition coaching certification, again mindfulness was introduced and I realized just how much of a missing link it plays in so much of our lives. I'd like to incorporate mindfulness meditation into my practice and am looking forward to this next part of my journey.

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Welcome Cat! It's wonderful to have you hear.

I'm Gillian - the community moderator and part of Sean's support team. Let me know if you have any questions.

I must say, I really resonate with a part of your journey. I, too, studied nutrition, but I found myself naturally gravitating towards mindfulness of eating and the psychology of our eating habits. I practiced as a nutritionist for a couple of years before transitioning to yoga & meditation and freelance writing on related subjects. 

Looking forward to learning more about your journey as you move through this program!

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