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Hello from Germany

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Hello everybody, my name is Patrick. I just joined the Community and wanted to introduce myself. I live in Cologne, Germany. While I studied Sport Science I created my own Event Management company. During the past years I learned a lot through entrepreneurship. It gave me many oppurtunities as traveling the world. About two years ago I realized I need a new adventure which excites me. The company I created didn't fulfill me anymore. In that time I started to meditate and reflect a lot. It helped me realize that Sports, Nutrition and Mental Health are topics I'm really interested in. Actually I always was, but didn't have the focus towards it. About a month ago I found a video on YouTube from Liam the Founder of FitMind. I started to practice with his app. I like it a lot. I asked myself, "Where did he learn that much about Meditation, Mindfulness, etc.?". I saw that he graduated from this program and had a look by my own what Mindfulness Exercises is about. I was very impressed by the content and the story of Sean. From the first moment on I knew that is the place to be to get a more mindful and better person. Furthermore I would like to help other people to have also a better and more mindful life which has also a big impact on our environment. I'm very excited to start the program and to meet great people.

Cheers, Patrick

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Hi Patrick! It's great to read your introduction and to hear about how you made your way to the program. Welcome 🙂

I'm Gillian - the moderator for the forum and part of Sean's support team. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. In the meantime, feel free to jump in on any conversations here that speak to you. I'd love to read more about your reflections, experiences, and insights.

With gratitude,


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